The Minute Minder

Originally from one of my earlier instances of a personal website, I’m re-doing and re-posting it here, because my God it’s a perennially useful tool…

The idea is that small inconveniences can end up costing a significant chunk of money, and this calculator helps surface those costs. Perhaps it’s a slow laptop, and you need to justify buying a new one. Perhaps it’s rationalising how much time is being wasted in a regular, pointless meeting.

⚠️ But, be warned! With great power comes great responsibility. If you spend time making and drinking a cup of tea, just think about how much that costs… and do you want it thrown in your face? (The cost, not the tea).

Use it how you will. All the calculations are performed in the page, and no data is sent anywhere, or otherwise captured for any reason. If you want to see the code, just view the source of this page.

The Minute Minder is completely free for you to use - any way you like. It is certainly improvable 😄